5 Interesting Science Fiction Movies

loobal decide to filter top 5 good science and thriller movies, various types of quality movies in following with our ratings.

#5 THE CONGRESS (2014)

 💡 loobal rating: 3.4/5

Critics Consensus: The Congress ascends on the quality of Robin Wright’s amazing execution, with enough driven narrating and specialized rushes to defeat its to some degree chaotic structure.

GenreScience Fiction & Fantasy, Animation
Written & Directed By:Ari Folman
In TheatersAug 29, 2014 Limited
On Disc/StreamingDec 2, 2014
StudioDrafthouse Films
Duration122 minutes

#4 SPLICE (2010)

 💡 loobal rating: 3.6/5

Genius genetic engineers Clive and Elsa have some expertise in joining DNA from various creatures to make mind blowing half and halves. Presently they need to utilize human DNA in a mixture that could upset science and drug. Be that as it may, when the organization that supports their examination denies it, Clive and Elsa covertly take their boldest experimentation underground – taking a chance with their professions by pushing the limits of science to serve their very own interest and desire. The outcome is Dren, a stunning, oddly wonderful animal of exceptional knowledge and a variety of unforeseen physical improvements. At first, Dren surpasses their most extravagant fantasies.

Be that as it may, as she develops and learns at a quickened rate, her reality compromises to wind up their most noticeably awful bad dream.

Genre Horror, Science Fiction & Fantasy
Written ByAntoinette Terry Bryant, Vincenzo Natali, Doug Taylor
Directed By Vincenzo Natali
In TheatersJun 4, 2010 Wide
Duration100 minutes
Box Office$16,999,046
On Disc/StreamingOct 5, 2010
StudioWarner Brother

#3 SUNSHINE (2007)

 💡 loobal rating: 3.2/5

As the sun darken alongside mankind’s promise for what’s to come, it’s up to an edgy group of eight space travelers to achieve the diminishing star and reignite the fire that will take life back to planet Earth in this strained mental science fiction spine chiller that re-groups 28 Days Later executive Danny Boyle with essayist Alex Garland and maker Andrew Macdonald. The skies are obscuring, and the viewpoint for planet Earth is bleak. In spite of the fact that the infringing haziness at first appears to be relentless, researchers have composed one urgent last-discard intend to purchase humankind a brief relief from the terrible future that looms simply past the skyline.

A group of eight people has been given an atomic gadget intended to truly reignite the sun and sent rushing through vastness on the most critical space mission at any point endeavored. All of a sudden, as the team loses radio contact with mission control, everything starts to come apart. Presently, in the most remote compasses of the cosmic system, the people who may hold the way to extreme survival get themselves battling for their lives, as well as their rational soundness too. Rose Byrne, Chris Evans, Cillian Murphy, and Michelle Yeoh star in a film that solicits gatherings of people exactly what might move toward becoming from mankind if the sky all of a sudden went dark.

GenreDrama & Fantasy, Science Fiction.
Written ByAlex Garland
Directed ByDanny Boyle
In TheatersJul 27, 2007 Wide
On Disc/StreamingJan 8, 2008
Box Office$3,700,000
Runtime07 minutes
StudioFox Searchlight Pictures


 💡 loobal rating : 3.5/5

Critics Consensus: Steven Spielberg’s adjustment of War of the Worlds conveys on the excite and distrustfulness of H.G. Wells’ great novel while amazingly refreshing the activity and impacts for present day groups of onlookers.

GenreAction & Adventure, Science Fiction & Fantasy
Written Byosh Friedman, David Koepp
Directed BySteven Spielberg
Duration117 minutes
In TheatersJun 29, 2005 Wide
On Disc/StreamingNov 22, 2005
StudioParamount Pictures
Box Office$234,141,872


 💡 loobal rating : 3.7/5

Critics Consensus: Interstellar speaks to a greater amount of the exciting, provocative, and outwardly brilliant filmmaking moviegoers have generally expected from author chief Christopher Nolan, regardless of whether its scholarly reach fairly surpasses its grip.

GenreScience Fiction & Fantasy, Action & Adventure
Written ByChristopher Nolan, Jonathan Nolan
Directed ByChristopher Nolan
Duration169 minutes
In TheatersNov 7, 2014 Wide
On Disc/StreamingMar 31, 2015
StudioParamount Pictures
Box Office$158,737,441