10 best apps for ubuntu


One of the largest omissions from Ubuntu 10.10 could be an inbuilt different to Windows Media Center. leap forward Boxee, the free software system package that turns your computer into a web TV set-top box.

With access to the complete Channel 4 tv archive, similarly, as apps for the BBC iPlayer, YouTube etc., Boxee users are never wanting things to observe. The software system conjointly streams video, music, and photos from alternative PCs within the home.


Ubuntu’s ME Menu delivers updates from your Facebook, Twitter accounts on the desktop, however, we discover it a touch ungainly. we tend to abundant like the TweetDeck client, which might be wont to update each Twitter and Facebook feeds at the same time, and is a wonderful suggests that of watching the most recent updates from your social networks.

You’ll have to install the Adobe AIR computer software initial, though.


It’s formally only in beta at the time of publication, and it doesn’t seem within the Ubuntu Software Centre, however, Picasa 3 is that the best photo editing app we’ve found for UNIX system to this point.

Its intuitive, non-destructive written material tools are married with handy options, like one-click uploads to the net Google Albums and impressive-looking collages.


It isn’t solely Windows users who are tempted by the charms of Ubuntu: Mac users may additionally fancy a change. Those not desperate to leave all of Apple’s UI behind ought to install Docky, a tribute to the Dock found at the foot of Mac OS X.

Favorite apps are pinned to the Dock, and there’s a range of various Dock vogue to choose from, with attractive transparency and 3D effects for PCs with a graphical grunt.


If you’ve got essential files you would like to share with another Windows computer or Mac, there’s no easier way to with Dropbox.

This clever tool not only keeps a wonderfully synchronic copy of files on every computer, it conjointly uploads them to the cloud, supplying you with remote access to your documents from any web browser.

A recent revamp has boosted the performance of the package too.


VLC not only plays much any form of video or audio file that you just will throw at it, but it will also thus with least drain on your system resources.

If you’re troubled to urge HD video taking part in on your netbook, for instance, VLC usually succeeds wherever alternative applications leave frames dropping everywhere the place. It’s additionally the fastest thanks to getting industrial DVDs taking part in smoothly on your Ubuntu pc.


Scribus offers a full-blown publication various to packages like Adobe’s InDesign, that many of us struggle to run even with Wine.

Scribus “blew away” our in-house open source specialist, Ian Wrigley, and Simon Brock, with its variety of options, providing “all the tools you want for drawing shapes, text frames, image frames and more”.


Website developers or anyone who frequently uploads files to an FTP server ought to look no any than FileZilla.

The software’s no-fuss interface makes uploading single files or batches a cinch, and therefore the choice to save profiles for various FTP servers may be a boon for those that work across multiple sites.

The option to juggle a queue of huge files is additionally a bonus for anyone troubled on a slow connection.


The Rhythmbox app in Ubuntu 10.10 is not any mean media player, however, Banshee is ready to exchange it because of the preinstalled player in version 11.04.

Aside from handling the playback of your music, video, and podcasts, Banshee additionally acts as an audiobook and web radio player – though you can’t explore for new stations. Banshee may also be used to sync music with MP3 players.


Firefox is that the default browser that ships with Ubuntu 10.10, except for our cash Google Chrome offers a learner, additional efficient expertise.

The browser synchronization feature imports the, browsing history, extensions, bookmarks and themes from your Windows browser, saving you from the duty of manually commerce them over. Multiple extensions don’t slow down the browser ever.

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